Green Distance in the UK

Anglo Arab mare NibAnglo Arab mare Nib

Green Distance is the business of Esther Groen, Dutch international endurance rider and instructor.

Since September 2017, Green Distance has moved from the Netherlands to the UK. We are now based in lovely Worcestershire where we have a lot of space and great training possibilities.

In the Netherlands Green Distance was set up in 2006 and concentrated on selling endurance saddles at first. Later it was expanded with a web shop. Teaching was always part of the things Esther did and the demand for endurance oriented guidance increased this became more and more important. Thus Green Endurance was born to fill this demand.

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Esther and equine master Moreno, 10 years agoEsther and equine master Moreno, 10 years ago

Esther Groen of Green Distance

Esther is a qualified AI (BHS) with teaching experience for over 25 years. She can teach in any discipline but main focus is on dressage (or as Esther prefers: schooling for balance and suppleness) and endurance. 

Esther has learned a lot form several people she worked with but most by her equine teachers. Her first Arab Moreno was highly sensitive, accident prone and stubborn as a goat (no offence to goats...).  Riding and competing a horse like this could be very frustrating and very humbling. But he and his other equine companions were instrumental to make Esther the rider she is today!

These equine teachers combined with courses on training physiology, equine physics, balance and posture of rider and horse, conformation and of course a lot of (long!) competitions have made Esther like an encyclopaedia on everything that influences a successful ride. Which shows in her results!


Green Endurance clinic: a group training teaches horses to concentrate in bigger groupsGreen Endurance clinic: a group training teaches horses to concentrate in bigger groups

What can we do for you?

Green Distance is based in Worcestershire, West-Midlands. We are very fortunate to have found an excellent place for the horses and our training.

A lot of the things we have been doing in the Netherlands we continue in the UK:

** Endurance guidance and coaching:

  • Coaching in endurance and seat and posture related issues
  • We will start an online coaching program on the 15th of November 2017
  • At this moment the Dutch endurance book Esther wrote is being translated in English. We hope it is ready in the spring of 2018

** Clinics:

  • We can give endurance clinics on demand on location.
  • In 2018 we hope to offer clinics or a practical period in our own yard in Abberley.

** Saddles and web shop

  • We are a big fan of BUA saddles and have a lot of experience with these (both in fitting and in competing in them)
  • we will most likely sell 1 or 2 other brands that we have good experiences with
  • we will keep a small web shop with products that have been popular over the years.

** Endurance horses

  • Green Distance has its own small stud (standing 2 stallions at stud in 2018). We ourselves breed mostly for own use but occasionally we sell a foal or your horse.
  • We can help to search for a suitable horse (or more importantly, give you independent feedback on the horse you are interested in) for a small fee.